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          Address:Henan Neihuang County Industrial Park No. 118
          Linkman:Mr. Wang:13707665395
              Mr. Gao:15993891780
          Our main products are: no tillage planter, straw machine, corn thresherCorn combine harvester, bundling machine, etc.
          • "Kehai Ting" Chinese agricultural famous brand
          • One of the designated purchase of agricultural subsidies
          • Integrity of private enterprises in Henan Province
          • Factory gate
          • Office Building
          • Office environment
          • Office environment
          • Factory display
          • Production equipment
          • Production equipment
          • Inventory corner
          • Inventory corner
          • Finished area
          • Factory display
          • Workshop display
          • Product display
            Henan Kehai side Machinery Co., Ltd. is integrates scientific research, manufacturing, marketing as one of the high-tech enterprises, Henan Province private economy research will member governing units, long term commitment to Henan, Anyang municipal scientific research projects. Plant covers an area of 50000 square meters, construction area of more than 20000 square meters, strong technical force, complete equipment. The main production seeder, straw machine, corn thresher, corn harvester, bundling machine and other agricultural machinery, products sold more than a dozen provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions throughout the country by the friends of the majority of people.
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